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End of Year Actiity/Graduation


The 6th grade team has been discussing ways to celebrate our graduating students while still adhering to COVID protocols. We are planning on taking the students to Northridge Park on Friday, May 21. Students and teachers will walk to the park, via the greenbelt trails, not mixing cohorts. Upon arriving at the park, the students will have several rotating activities that each classroom will participate in. Students should bring a sack lunch for a lunch picnic. After lunch, we will walk back to Sand Creek in time for dismissal.


The graduation ceremony will look different this year, but we feel it is important to have some form of ceremony. The ceremony will take place the morning of Tuesday, May 25. The ceremony will begin at 9:30 and end at 11:00. After the ceremony, a continental breakfast will be served and students can enjoy a light meal and mingle with friends until 11:30. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed into the building at this time. We are planning on live streaming this event, so parents may virtually view the ceremony. All 6th grade students will be released after the ceremony/breakfast at 11:30. Please make arrangements to have your student picked up at this time. There are no classes for the remainder of the day for our students.


We will need parent volunteers to bring in refreshments for the breakfast that morning. A SignUp Genius will be created and sent out for you to help us with this.

We really want to celebrate our marvelous 6th to 7th grade students and have a memorable event before sending them on to middle school. We will miss them!

Thank you, 

The 6th Grade Team

6th Grade Social Studies Standards

Expectations for 6th Grade Students:

History: Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources (original documents, maps, artifacts) to ask and research questions about the historical eras, individuals, groups, and ideas in various regions throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Geography: Use geographic tools and resources to research regional differences and perspectives and make geographic inferences. Students investigate human and environmental interactions in the Western Hemisphere.

Economics: Identify and explain the different types of economic systems including market, command and mixed economies. Personal Financial Literacy: Investigate the role of consumers within the Western Hemisphere.

Civics: Analyze the relationships of different nations in the Western Hemisphere and their systems of government.

social studies


There are many investigations your student will be participating in. A combination of experiments, readings, models, discussions, and projects will help students uncover the nature of science and the relevance of science. 

The students will find that important scientific ideas will come up again and again in different activities throughout this year. They will be asked to do more than just memorize these concepts: they will be asked to explain and apply them. In particular students will be asked to improve their decision making skills by using evidence to weigh outcomes and to decide what should be done about the scientific issues facing our society.

 .        science             
 Daily Schedule


9:25-10:15 Specials 

10:20-11:45 Block1  

11:45-11:55 break

12:00-12:55 Block 2

1:00-1:40 Lunch

1:45-2:15 Block 2 Continued

2:15-2:25 break

2:30-3:55 Block 3 

Block 3

imprortant dates                                                        

March 30-April 1, CMAS testing, morning and afternoon

April 6, Fund raiser due

No school on Friday, April 16

No school on Monday, April 19, Teacher Professional Day

Friday, May 21, 6th grade field day and walking field trip to Northridge Park

Last Day of School/6th Grade Graduation, Tuesday, May 25, Students will be dismissed at 11:30 to their parents.



Specials Schedule 2020-2021

The week of 4/5, P.E.