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Welcome to 6th Grade

From November 30 through December 17, we are teaching/learning remote. The schedule and Google Classroom Links are below.

Rules for remote learning:

1. Come to class ready!


Breakfast eaten

At a work space (NOT in bed;  a place with no distractions)

2. Camera must be on during the meeting

(unless teacher gives permission otherwise)

3. Mics muted and comments/chat box must be lesson related

(no sounds, memes or commenting (unless permission given by a teacher)

 Peanut/Nut Free Zone

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Back To School Night Presentation 2020-2012

back to school

Virtual Back to School Presentation!

6th Grade Social Studies Standards

Expectations for 6th Grade Students:

History: Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources (original documents, maps, artifacts) to ask and research questions about the historical eras, individuals, groups, and ideas in various regions throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Geography: Use geographic tools and resources to research regional differences and perspectives and make geographic inferences. Students investigate human and environmental interactions in the Western Hemisphere.

Economics: Identify and explain the different types of economic systems including market, command and mixed economies. Personal Financial Literacy: Investigate the role of consumers within the Western Hemisphere.

Civics: Analyze the relationships of different nations in the Western Hemisphere and their systems of government.

social studies


There are many investigations your student will be participating in. A combination of experiments, readings, models, discussions, and projects will help students uncover the nature of science and the relevance of science. 

The students will find that important scientific ideas will come up again and again in different activities throughout this year. They will be asked to do more than just memorize these concepts: they will be asked to explain and apply them. In particular students will be asked to improve their decision making skills by using evidence to weigh outcomes and to decide what should be done about the scientific issues facing our society.

 .        science             
 Daily Schedule


9:25-10:15 Specials 

10:20-11:45 Block 1 Google Classroom Link. Join at 10:20. 10:20-11:45

Block 1

11:45-11:55 break

12:00-12:55 Block 2 Google Classroom Link. Join at 12:00. 12:00-12:55

Block 2

1:00-1:40 Lunch

1:45-2:15 Block 2 Continued

2:15-2:25 break

2:30-3:55 Block 3 Google Classroom Link. Join at 2:30. 2:30-3:50.

Block 3

imprortant dates  

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break/no school

Remnote learning 11/30-12/17

Return to School January 5



Specials Schedule 2020-2021

The week of 11/16, Music