Mark Johnson

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My name is Mark Johnson. I earned a B.A. from CSU in English, a Special Education Teaching Certificate from DU, and an M.A. in School Leadership and Administration from UC-Denver. I have been teaching special education since 1998. I have worked in schools in Douglas County, Jefferson County, Adams County 50, Aurora, and Eagle County. In 2006, I came to Sand Creek Elementary School where I found my home as a Moderate Needs Teacher. I have worked with the primary grades for the majority of my time here, but have spent time teaching students in all grade levels at some point. Currently, I am case managing grades 4-6.

Sand Creek is the best school I have worked for, and a big reason is the community for which we serve. I am lucky to work with the students, families, and staff at Sand Creek Elementary School!


The best way to contact me is by email.  If you would like to have a telephone conversation, email me a phone number and times when you will be available.  Working with students most of the day, I am able to respond more efficiently to emails than phone messages.


My email is: