Counseling Lessons

October/November: Adaptable

During the month of November we focused on the trait of being adaptable. Counseling lessons promoted the Social/Emotional skills of recognizing emotions and using healthy coping skills. These skills help students adapt to new situations and changing emotions. 


What did students learn? 


  • Basic feelings identification. 

  • Recognizing how we express emotions. 

1st Grade

  • Feelings identification. 

  • The difference between a Big deal and a Little deal: How to tell the difference and what do we do for each type.

2nd grade:

  • Using “I statements” to express feelings: “I feel _________ because ________. I need _________.  

  • Using calming strategies we can use when frustrated or upset. 

3rd Grade

  • Identify clues the body gives for various feelings. (Volcano in my tummy when I am angry. Rain clouds in my head when I feel sad.) 

  • Coping skills: Using the RAIN Strategy

4th grade

  • What is stress? 

  • Strategies for coping with stress.


  • What happens in our brains when we are stressed? 

5th grade:

  • Identify personal needs and coping strategies for a given feeling.

  • Students created a Coping Skills survival guide for stressful situations. 

6th grade: 

  • What is the stress response? Identify situations and events that trigger the stress response for yourself. 

  • Creating a Self Care Plan for stressful times.