Joanie Smith


Dear Parents,

This week we continued to read and learn about some famous American leaders. We read about President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt and his love for nature. He was a passionate conservationist who established our national park system! We even learned that the teddy bear was named after him! Later in the week we took a look at Ruby Bridges, a brave first grader who paved the way for equal access to education. It was powerful for out students to realize that even children can be leaders and change the world to be a better place! We have been compiling a list of character traits that these leaders exhibit and finding some common ones that make a great leader.

Friday we took our unit 9 Fundations assessment and are ready to start unit 10 this next week. We will be looking at inflectional endings to add to verbs such as -s, -ing and -ed. It is important that our first graders can take apart a word by identifying the base word and ending. We have lots of fun activities planned for next week to help us with this new concept.

This next week we will jump into learning about a few famous American symbols! 

Our special next week will be art with Mr. Steed.

Thank you,

Mrs. Joanie Smith


Upcoming Events

 Class Pictures-Class pictures will be taken this Wednesday, February 26. Order forms were sent out last week.

SPRING PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES- Tuesday, March 10th & Thursday, March 12th. More info to come.

SPRING BREAK- Monday, March 16th- Friday, March 20th


8:55-9:10 Arrival

9:10-9:20 Morning Meeting

9:20-9:50 Fundations-Whole Group 

10:05-11:45 Literacy- small group rotations

11:50-12:30 Lunch

12:35-1:30 Math Instruction- Whole Group/Small Group

1:35-2:25 Specials (PE, Tech, Music, Art)

2:30-3:10 Writer's Workshop

3:10-3:25 Afternoon Snack Recess

3:25-3:50 Integrated Learning Block

3:50-4:00 Clean-up and dismissal


 homework jpeg
 Yellow Homework Folders: Homework folders went home last Monday and should have been returned with completed homework Friday. Your child will take home this yellow folder each Monday and keep it at home for the week, returning it on Friday. Their iReady and Zearn online passcodes are stapled into their homework folder. Please be sure they spend some time during the week on iReady reading and math.

Reading Bags: Read the books each night and return the following day. The sight word rings are to stay in the bags so that new words can be added. Please go over these words nightly with your student. 



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Our Upcoming Week At A Glance... 

                                       For the week of February 24-29

Theme: America! Famous Americans and important American symbols
Phonics: sliding through words with five sounds, 
Phonemic Awareness: identifying basewords and inflectional endings (-s, -ing, -ed) clapping syllables in multi-syllabic words
Fundations: We took our Unit 9 Fundations assessment Friday. Unit 10 will focus on adding suffixes -ed, -ing and -s as well as an introduction to vowel teams oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, au, aw

High Frequency Words: any, many, how, now, out, our, down, about

Comprehension: fiction- retell using the characters, setting, problem and solution. Students are practicing using transition words such as first, next, then and last or at the end. 

Fluency: automaticity of sight words
Grammar: nouns, verbs and adjectives
Vocabulary: symbol, patriotic, freedom, liberty, monument, memorial
Writing: Squiggle books, Sticker stories, journals, informational writing,
Mondays the students will have the opportunity to write in their journals. It can be helpful to discuss with your student what they may want to write about. 

  math jpeg

This week we continued Module 3: Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers. We completed topic B: standard length units & started topic C: non-standard and stand length units. Students measured objects using centimeter cubes, toothpicks, small paper clips, and large paper clips..

Problem Set- Students practice independently in class. Teacher is there for support and then we go over it. Students explain their thinking and correct as needed.

Exit Tickets- Students complete exit ticket on their own and turn into teacher. Teacher uses this to inform instruction. This is not sent home.
Math homework will be going home in the yellow homework folders Monday and can be turned in on Fridays.


 science/soc jpeg
Social Studies: 
Social Studies/Science Vocabulary: harsh, climate, regurgitate, rookery, toboggan
SCIENCE/ SOCIAL STUDIES- We continued to discuss SCE's SOAR like an EAGLE expectations. 


First Grade Froggy
Froggy jpeg

First Grade Froggy spent last weekend with MacKenzie! Froggy had a blast with Kenzi and her family! Kenzie even made him a cozy little bed to sleep in during his stay!


The Big Cheese



This will be my twenty-first year here at Sand Creek Elementary and my twenty-fourth year of teaching!

I love to teach! The little ones in first grade are my very favorite! There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child learn to read for the very first time! I believe learning takes place best in a warm, loving and structured environment. Young children need lots of hands-on and engaging activities to learn new concepts best. I also love to sing and have lots of fun in the classroom!