Math and Literacy Student Resources

Building Language Google Classroom code cojfg2o

Many of the Building Language lessons have Brainpop activities to go with them. Go to Our new login is sandcreekes2 and our new password is brainpop2.

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Math Resources for Students

 Mrs. Stage's Pre-Algebra Google Classroom   Class Code 745y6lh

          Khan Academy Pre-Algebra Class Code UNYHWX6M



Math Lab Symbaloo

Vocabulary Resources

Explore these resources to grow your content knowledge and vocabulary about topics new to you: 

Ted Talks For Kids

Ted Talks by Brilliant Kids and Teens

PBS Learning

Write a Poem!

Brains On! NPR podcast featuring science for kids 

Newsela - be sure to adjust the reading level to what is right for you.

Science Journals for Kids and Teens

Jamestowne Fort

Vocabulary Games

Brainzilla - scroll down and choose a word game



Freerice - synonym game

Merriam Webster word games and quizzes


Scrabble Games