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 Mrs. Stage's Pre-Algebra Google Classroom   Class Code 745y6lh

                                              Khan Academy Pre-Algebra Class Code UNYHWX6M

Math Olympiad Problem of the Month

EMBARC.ONLINE . Use this resource to watch video lessons of the Eureka Math problem sets.

Khan Academy online support for Eureka Math by module.

Edulastic online Eureka Math assessments

ZEARN - log in here to practice Eureka Math skills


Eureka Math Duane Habecker Videos on You Tube

Eureka Math Module Grade 1 Videos Grade 2 Videos Grade 3 Videos Grade 4 Videos Grade 5 Videos
Module 1  G1 M1 Videos  G2 M1 Videos  G3 M1 Videos  G4 M1 Videos  G5 M1 Videos 
Module 2  G1 M2 Videos  G1 M2 Videos  G3 M2 Videos  G4 M2 Videos  G5 M2 Videos 
Module 3  G1 M3 Videos  G2 M3 Videos  G3 M3 Vidoes  G4 M3 Vidoes  G5 M3 Videos 
Module 4  G1 M4 Videos  G2 M4 Videos      G5 M4 Videos 

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Greg Tangs Valentines Day Challenge