Marla Applegate

Hello Students,

You will be receiving your assignments on google classroom. You have already heard from me using this resources. The ELA assignments and Science assignments will be found on your ELA/block using the links below.

Block 1/science

Block 3/science



If you haven't signed up for a volunteer opportunity to help with the 6th grade graduation, the link provided below is for your convenience. There are several committees that need help. Thank you!


Language Arts


6th grade students will participate in a ninety minute language arts block each day. Depending on the needs of the students, students are placed in either language arts block 1 or 3. During this time students will be reading and writing. There will be nightly homework for this class. 

The instruction for this class is based on Lucy Calkins reading/writing workshop model. Reading/writing workshops begin with a mini lesson. This is direct instruction focusing on a specific teaching point. Students will know and understand what the teaching point is and will be given time to practice what was taught. Students have approximately 35-45 minutes for this. During this time, I will circulate among students, assisting where needed and meet with individual students and conduct small group guided lessons as needed. At the conclusion of the class period, the teaching point is reiterated and students have the opportunity to share their success with peers.

There are many investigations your student will be participating in. A combination of experiments, readings, models, discussions, and projects will help students uncover the nature of science and the relevance of science. 

The students will find that important scientific ideas will come up again and again in different activities throughout this year. They will be asked to do more than just memorize these concepts: they will be asked to explain and apply them. In particular students will be asked to improve their decision making skills by using evidence to weigh outcomes and to decide what should be done about the scientific issues facing our society.




At the 6th Grade level, students should be  completing approximately 60 minutes of homework per night. If a single night's homework is taking more time than that, consider it a red flag. Please have your child stop and contact me so we can identify the issue.
This year, your child will work on several long term projects. For the majority of these, work will be assigned in sections to help your child learn to plan these types of assignments and budget his/her time. Please reinforce the importance of meeting these small deadlines, even though work will not always be turned in on the deadline due date. Failure to budget time and complete projects in smaller sections will certainly result in long, frustrating nights before the project is due!


 Daily Schedule

9:05-9:15 Opening/


9:15-10:50 Block 1

10:55-11:25 Block 2

11:30-12:10 Lunch/Recess

12:10-1:10 Block 2 Continued

1:10-2:30 Block 3/Snack

2:35-3:25 Specials

3:30-3:50 RTI/Friday Earned Recess

3:50-4:00 Clean up/Pack up

May 21st, Field Day

May 22nd, Graduation/Last Day of School.

Specials Schedule 2019-2020