Paula Hibbs

Contact Information

Google Phone number: 720.258.6298.  I'll be calling you from this phone number or the school phone number.


Classroom Announcements/Week at a Glance

Market Day was a huge success!  The students sold out of their products and bought some nice things.  After Market Day, the students wrote about their experience as a producer and a consumer.

Next week, Mar.10 and 12th, is Conference Week!  Thank you for signing up.  I'll see you then.

Reading and Writing 

We are working on writing complete answers to questions.  The students are learning to restate the question and use details from the text.  We have been reading from StoryWorks Jr. magazine.


We are working on fractions.  They are learning about equivalent fractions.  They are comparing fractions.

Science/Social Studies

Economics-The students made products for Market Day.  They are learning producers, comsumers, supply, and demand.



Your child should bring home his or her planner Monday-Thursday. The planner will help you know what is expected for homework. I am asking that you sign your child's planner each time indicating that your child completed his or her homework. There will not be homework over the weekend. 

Week of: 


Jan. 27-P.E.

 Feb. 3- Art

Feb. 10-Music

Feb. 17- Tech

Feb.- 24- P.E.

Mar. 2-Art

Mar. 9-Music



I started teaching at Sand Creek as a 1st grade teacher.  After 5 years, I moved up to 2nd grade.  I taught 2nd grade for many years.  I have been teaching 3rd grade for 4 years.

I truly enjoy the students, families, and staff here at Sand Creek.  It is a wonderful place to learn and grow!