Mrs. Hogarth. SCI/SS

Hello 6th grade families,

Well, we all should pat ourselves on the back for getting these kiddos to the last week of school so happy, and they are ready believe me! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support this year. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity has been  overwhelming and I am truly grateful. This is my second year with your students and I could not be more proud of the young adults they are becoming. We have learned a lot of lessons this year and looking forward, I see a bright future for each and every one of them. Seriously, they are smart, clever, kind, and ridiculously funny-that goes a long way in the real world, am I right?

Here are the important dates and information you need to know for this coming week:


 Our SCE Field Day that is 'put on' by our fabulous 6th graders. It is going to be hot and sunny.

*No backpacks, only day pack that will hold daily supplies

*Please make sure student have 

-sunscreen   -water bottle (they will be outside almost all day)    -snacks       -hat       -clothes that cover body if they burn easily

*Here is the link from Mr. Bolser about the 6th grade and running field day - 

6th grade field day link


*Bring backpack, this is a normal school day

*The students have been working very hard and we have some wonderful people being displayed and shared about. Living Wax Museum presentations will be from 3-3:45 for all families that can attend, walk around, and see and hear about our amazing characters from ancient civilizations. Thank you for your support.


Wednesday is the 6th Grade Field Day at NorthRidge. We will hike there and spend part of the time playing kickball and part of the time swimming. They should bring a bag/or backpack that they will carry on the hike. They should have a snack, water bottle, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen, and hat. Memberships will not be used during this time. Students will only have access to the pool area (no concession stand, racquetball or basketball). We will be in two smaller groups for safety and fun. We will switch at the halfway mark with transition time included. We will make it back to school between 12:00 and 12:30 where we will provide pizza and juice boxes/pouches. Around 1:30 we will begin organizing and preparing the 6th graders for the graduation ceremony. This isn't a real fun time, however it is a very necessary process for Thursday.



Students will come to school just as any other day. They will enter through the front doors and go to their homerooms for attendance. They do not need to bring anything on this day, except family!  Afterwards, we will immediately start lining up to enter promptly at 9:30. The ceremony should last around an hour with the presentation of the students at the end. We will have brunch items for all to enjoy provided by 5th grade families. There will be time to eat, visit and take pictures.  At 11:00 am all 6th Grade students will be dismissed from school. Please be sure to plan for this. There is a picnic to follow for all 6th grade students and families to continue the celebrations. This is not a SCE event and there will be no teacher attending.


Whew...this is it!!  I am so excited for these students as they have worked incredibly hard all year long. I will miss them terribly.

If you haven't already , please check your students Friday Folders for graded work and important information.

With all my gratitude,

Mrs. Hogarth






5/6 Social Studies


Thank you for all the time spent in getting supplies for our Wax Museum project. I had no idea how in demand the tri-folds would be this time of year-so sorry.


Our research is going splendidly. Ask your student about using to see if they can explain why we need to cite our evidence.


This coming week, students will be gathering symbols and text to begin trifold planning. They will also be writing on their index cards in preparation for oral reports.


----If you have not gotten your students' supplies, they are required to have index cards and a trifold project board.


Dates to know:

Monday May 22 is student oral report

Tuesday May 23 Living Wax Museum






We are back to social studies until the end of the year! We have already begun ancient civilizations of Latin America. Our wax museum is beginning soon and students will need (1) tri-fold board and (1) pkg of large index cards by 5/1/23.




Science is moving quickly! We have completed our energy units and we are studying the water cycle this week. Because of CMAS next week, I will have students do smaller observations and/or experiments.


After CMAS we will be rotating into our last social studies unit-ancient civilizations! We will be studying the state standards for 6th grade:

  1. Explain how people, products, cultures, and ideas interact and are interconnected in the Western Hemisphere and how they have impacted modern times.
  2. Determine and explain the historical context of key people, events, and ideas over time including the examination of different perspectives from people involved. For example: Aztec, Maya, Inca, Inuit, early Native American cultures of North America, major explorers, colonizers of countries in the Western Hemisphere, and the Columbian Exchange.

This unit will wrap up with a Living Wax Museum presentation-more about this fun project in upcoming updates.



We are moving along fast in science. Students have learned about kinetic, thermal and potential energy, and are now learning about chemical, electrical, along with light and sound energies. We will be watching the movie Hidden Figures on Friday-please see permission form to sign in order for your student to watch this PG movie. This is a tremendous movie to watch for many reasons, including that it is Women's month this month, and it includes math and science. Fill out that permission slip!



We are moving right along this week in science! Students are learning about the different kinds of energy, such as kinetic, thermal, chemical, potential, electrical, light, and sound. Maybe we will even have some observations and experiments coming soon!




In science this week we have had so much fun. In our lab this week students continued developing  observation and analyzing skills. Students were able to identify solutions dissolving rates of sugar, salt, baking soda, and epsom salt in hot and cold water. They answered the questions of why they dissolve at different rates and at different temperatures-one of those answers is surface area!

Students have also been studying parts of an atom. They will be making their own 3D atoms next week out of pipe cleaners and clay!

Happy Friday!

6th grade info:

*Registration for Mountain Ridge Middle School was due today. If you did not get registered yet please look at the One Stop Form attached to this email. 
*NEXT WEEK IS WISH WEEK- This week we took the time to write the Wish Week and the Kindness Week dress up suggestions in our planners.
Please see the SCE main web page for more information.
*On February 14th we will have A Party with a Purpose and we will be making Valentines for the tenants at Brookdale Center, just down the street. In sixth grade we do not do the Valentine boxes and exchanges, but make cards for others to make them feel loved and special. Please see the sign up for provided treats for the students.
*There is no school on February 17th for Teacher Professional Development Day and no school on February 20th for President's Day. Please see my web page for more important dates.
*February 16th we will hold a parent meeting to set up committees to start preparing for 6th grade promotion/graduation on May 25th. We will meet in the 6th grade pod from 5:30 to 6:30. If you can not attend we will be sending more information for the opportunity to help out.
*Don't forget to check my web page, as there are often updated important dates and science happenings you can find there also. 

Science info:

Students have been learning and understanding what atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, nucleus, and elements are. Check out your students science notebook and see the great work they did this week.

Also, we have accomplished so much in science but we are not done! We have almost filled up our science notebooks-can you believe it? If you are able to purchase another notebook for your student that will be needed soon. We have so much more learning to do still :) Thank you in advance.

Mrs. Hogarth-SS/SC

Ms. Roberts-ELA

Mrs. Skolout- Math

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. H





Hello 6th grade families,

Checking In!!

📌Please check your student's Friday Folder for school flyers and graded work.

📌Please check our websites for classroom happenings.

It was a great full week! Students are working hard in their work, demonstrating SOAR behaviors and being their best. 

The PTO's brick campaign is coming to a close - the last day to buy a brick is tomorrow, Tuesday January 31! Make sure you get your orders in before the end of the day so it's included in our brand new outdoor multi-use space.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to leave your legacy at Sand Creek Elementary and support a project to improve our front entrance space for the school.

In preparation for Promotion/Graduation in May, we will be holding a 6th Grade Parents meeting on February 16 from 5:30-6:30. At this meeting we will discuss the various committees we will need to provide a wonderful experience for our 6th graders. Please mark your calendar today!!

 SCE-MRMS Registration: One Stop Shop (23-24)

Deadline for registration is February 3!

There are links provided and contacts for MRMS to help you.  We three 6th grade teachers will be of no help, so please reach out to MRMS for any questions or concerns.

We will also be holding our 6th grade continuation/graduation family committees on February 16 at 5:30.  We try to keep this to an hours so punctuality is appreciated. This meeting will be a request of at least 1 family member to attend so we can create the several committees needed for this wonderful celebration of your students! More to come in the near future, but mark your calendars.

It appears we have a pretty quiet end to January. Please look under important dates for what is coming up in February.

If a student is absent from school they can access the days lesson in Google Classroom. It is important that the work missed is made up prior to returning to class if at all possible. The lessons are presented online and the students follow along in their math workbooks. They the work out the problems and record answers in their math workbook for the days they are learning at home. Assessments will be done online and they will not be in the workbook.  The students have their math notebook that will be a resource students may use throughout the year.

Tdap boosters are required for students entering 6th grade.  Please provide your student's proof of immunization to the front office. State non-compliance letters will be sent out the first week of September. Questions? Please contact your school nurse, Jeanine McCleery, [email protected]

Thanks for all you do!

Please see below for my contact information if you ever need to reach out, also, important dates on our school calendar.

Earth Search.pngProphase.pngMicroscope.pngApple.png

[email protected]

Image result for Important Dates                      

January 20- MRMS Registration Visit

 SCE-MRMS Registration: One Stop Shop (23-24)

January 31-Mother Son Night

February 14- Valentine's Day-Party with a Purpose

February 16- Parent's Promotion Committee Meeting 5:30-6:30

February 17-No School-Professional Development Day

February 20-No School-Presidents Day

February 21 and 23- Student Led Parent Teachers Conferences

February 23-Spring Picture Day and Cap and Gown Pics for 6th Grade

February 24- SCE Family Bingo Night

March 13-17-Spring Break

April- CMAS

April 21-No School-Teacher Comp Day

April 24-No School- Professional Development Day

May 19- Field Day

May 24- 6th Grade Field Day/Promotion Practice

May 25-Promotion Day 9:30-Students dismissed after- Last Day of School