Sand Creek Elementary is proud to host two exceptional DCSD preschool classrooms, led by a passionate team of Early Childhood Educators. Our preschool program is an integral part of our school community. Together with our DCSD Early Childhood Team, we are committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment tailored to meet the unique needs of our youngest learners.

Our preschool program implements two age-based classroom sessions - morning and afternoon - available Monday through Thursday. These sessions are fully inclusive educational settings, welcoming students of varying learning needs and abilities. Three-year-olds are placed in the morning session, while four-year-olds attend the afternoon session. Learn more about the Douglas County School District Preschool Program.

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preschool team

Preschool A Instructor

Paige Deming | [email protected]

Preschool B Instructor

Jill Nau | [email protected]

ECE SPED Teacher

Sami Schaefer | [email protected]

ECE Speech/Language Pathologist

Rebecca Makowski | [email protected]

ECE Occupational Therapist

Jen Fritz | [email protected]

Educational Assistants

Nerea Hovey | [email protected]
Diane Nugent | [email protected]
Andrea Henderson | [email protected]