Math Intervention

Math picWe are committed to ensuring that all students excel in math and develop a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. Our math intervention program is built on the belief that every student can succeed in math given the right support and resources. We prioritize hands-on learning experiences using manipulatives to help students build essential skills for number sense.

Our dedicated math interventionist provides intensive, short-term support for students who need additional time or experience with math content to make progress. Student groups are flexible, allowing for fluid movement in and out of support groups based on ongoing assessments and teacher input.

Math intervention occurs during our embedded W.I.N. (What I Need) Time, ensuring that students receive targeted instruction while still participating in whole-group lessons with their classroom teacher. The goal is to provide differentiated small-group instruction, offering students a “double dip” of support as needed.

To deliver effective intervention, we utilize a variety of resources including MDIS (Math Diagnosis and Intervention), iReady Next Step Lessons, and other intervention materials integrated within our enVision math program. These resources enable us to tailor instruction to meet the specific needs of each student, addressing their learning gaps and promoting mathematical success.