Frequently Asked Questions at Sand Creek Elementary

1) Q: What do I do if my student is absent or tardy?

A: To report your student absent or tardy, please call our attendance line at 303-387-6602. You may call this number any time day or night before your child's absence. Even though you may have told your child's teacher about his/her absence, the office also needs to be notified. If the parent has not called to report the absence, phone calls will be made to parents to verify the absence. If your student is tardy, please be sure they sign in at the office and make their lunch choice before going to class.

2) Q: What do I do if I need to take my child home from school early?

A:First, we ask that all parents check in at the office and sign out their children. The office staff will contact the classroom teacher and have him/her sent down to you. This will give your child and teacher time to gather his/her backpack and homework. Please do not go to the classroom to pick up your child.

3) Q: What if my plans change during the day and I want my child to wait to be picked up or ride the bus home?

A:If plans change for you, please call the main office and we will get a note to your child. If you know ahead of time please send a note to notify the office and teacher of the change in plans. Because the office is very busy at the end of the day, we ask that you call with any changes no later than 3:00 PM if possible. Further, please retrain from picking your child up between 3:45-4:00 pm.

4) Q: Can my child ride a friend's bus?

A:No, transportation is not allowing this during the 2023-2024 school year.

5) Q: Can my child bring electronics/toys to school?

A:We highly discourage any electronics (i-pods, cd players, game boys) or toys being brought to school. Any items brought to school must remain in their backpacks while on school grounds. The school will not be held responsible for lost or traded items. Any electronics used inappropriately will be confiscated and returned to the parent.

6) Q: What if my child needs to bring a cell phone?

A:Similar to electronics, cell phones need to be turned off and left in backpacks while on school grounds. We have phones at school for student use during the school day. We also have walkie-talkies used on the playground for office communication. Any cell phone used inappropriately will be confiscated and returned after school. Your child will not be able to send or receive texts during the school day.

7) Q: What happens to lost & found items?

A:All items found in the gym, on the playground, in the lunchroom, or left in the classroom are placed in the lost and found located in the front entryway. Students need to continuously check for items that may be theirs. Marking your child's coat, etc. with his/her name will make it easier to find lost items. Items that are not claimed will be donated to charity several times throughout the year.

8) Q: Can I meet my child outside his/her classroom?

A:No, We ask that you meet your child outside at their grade level doors. Please do not take students from the playground without notifying the office.

9) Q: Can my child ride his/her bike or scooter to school?

A:Yes, however, our policy is "No Wheels on School Grounds". If your child rides his/her bike or scooter, we ask they walk them while on school grounds. Bikes/scooters must be parked at the bike racks. Scooters will not be permitted to be stored in the building.

10) Q: What happens if there is lightning in the area or if there is a delayed dismissal?

A: If our electronic sign says "Lightning Dismissal" this indicates that students will not be released until district administrators deem it safe to allow students to leave. However, if you would like to pick up your child you may go directly to your child's classroom to show your driver's license and sign your child out. We ask that you do this because the front office would not be able to handle the volume of people in this situation. Bus riders, bike riders and walkers will be held in the classroom until we feel it is safe to be outside. Please refer to the ABC's of Sand Creek under L for Lightning for more information.

11) Q: How do I use the "Kiss and Go" Drop off zone?

A: Please be courteous to others in the parking lot as this is a highly congested area, especially during inclement weather.

  1. ) During congested times please pull all the way up to the farthest speed limit sign if cars are behind you (yes, even if this is not closest to your child's door)
  2. ) If all of the cars are stopped in front of you, please let your child out on the sidewalk at the front of the school. This should happen even if you are closest to the gym doors by the picnic table. They will stay on the sidewalk and make their way up to Kindergarten or 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade doors.
  3. ) Please have your child preparing to exit the vehicle before you intend to stop. This will help speed up the process for everyone using this "Kiss and Go" Lane.
  4. ) If your child is in a car seat, please start having them practice releasing the belts independently so you do not have to exit the vehicle.
  5. ) Please ALWAYS have your child exit on the school side of the vehicle. Cars may be passing on the parking lot side and we do not want anyone to get injured.
  6. ) If you do not feel that your child is ready to do any of these tasks, please plan to park in the lot or on the street and walk with them to the school.

12) Q: What can my child bring for Snack?

A: At Sand Creek we are focusing on healthy lifestyles. Research shows that our brains function at a higher level with good nutrition and water. The SCE web page has a list of healthy snacks that can be used as a reference for choosing snacks to send to school. You are not limited to this list but it can be used as a resource. However, if your child brings a high sugar snack each day she/he may be asked to save it for after school time.

13) Q: Does Sand Creek have a dress Code?

A: Yes, this can be viewed in full on the DCSD web page. However, a simple rule of thumb that we like to use is that all shorts must be to bottom of finger tips with arms extended straight down and tank tops must be 3 fingers width across for the shoulder straps. Waist bands must be around the hips so no under clothes are visible.

14) Q: How can I get involved in the school?

A: There are many opportunities to get involved at Sand Creek! If you wish to volunteer, please make sure you have completed the volunteer application located on the volunteer web page. Please contact the volunteer coordinator for more info.

15) Q: How can I record volunteer hours for the school?

A: When you sign into the building using the computer at the front desk your hours will be recorded. If you are working on Sand Creek items at home you should log your hours on the form near the front desk computer. It is important to record hours as our school receives recognition and awards for all of your hard work.

16) Q: How will I receive communication from Sand Creek?

  • You will get weekly emails stating that the "SCE info" page(located on home page) has been updated via the DCSD mass email distribution method.
  • You should check with your child's teacher for weekly web page updating method.
  • Please subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter account for Sand Creek Elementary

17) Q: What if I am not getting the weekly updates?

A: There are a few reasons why you may not be getting communication:

  • Please check your "Junk mailbox" on your computer as the sender address will be @dcsdk12.org
  • Please check with your child's teacher to see how they are communicating that their web page has been updated.
  • Please be sure the front office has your current email address and phone numbers (for emergency situations).