Joanie Smith

This will be my twenty-first year here at Sand Creek Elementary and my twenty-fourth year of teaching!

I love to teach! The little ones in first grade are my very favorite! There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child learn to read for the very first time! I believe learning takes place best in a warm, loving and structured environment. Young children need lots of hands-on and engaging activities to learn new concepts best. I also love to sing and have lots of fun in the classroom! 


8:55-9:10     Arrival

9:10-9:25     Morning Meeting-SOAR (SEL)

9:25-11:20    Literacy Instruction-Whole Group/Small Group 

  • Heggerty- Phonemic Awareness
  • Fundations- Phonics, Word Word, Dictation
  • Read Alouds- Comprehension Strategies, Author's Studies
  • Integrated Science & Social Studies
  • Guided Reading
  • Integrated Technology
  • Independent Work
  • Differentiated Instruction

11:20-12:00   Lunch

12:00-12:40   Literacy Continued

  • Guided Writing
  • Independent Writing

12:45-1:00     Afternoon Recess

1:00-1:55       Math

  • EnVision: Guided Practice
  • Math Games
  • Independent Work
  • Technology

2:00-2:50.     Specials (Art, Music, Technology and PE)

2:50-3:50      Integrated Learning Block

  • Science & Social Studies

3:50-4:00 Clean-up and dismissal

 homework jpeg


  math jpeg

EnVision is a math program that combines problem based learning with visual learning to deepen students' conceptual understanding.             


 science/soc jpeg

SCIENCE/ SOCIAL STUDIES- We continued to discuss SCE's SOAR like an EAGLE expectations. 


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