Kathy Landgrave


I truly believe that each child is capable of learning to their highest potential.  My background with a degree in elementary and special education has prepared me to teach all of your children. I  have been teaching in Douglas County for eighteen years, four of those in special education and the last fourteen in third grade, 

I began my teaching career in 1984 at Riverview Jr. High School in Murray Utah. There I taught 7-9th-grade students with learning disabilities in a resource room. However, it was short-lived, as a family, we moved to California where I taught in a self-contained K-3 classroom for a few years, before switching to a 5/6 combination class and then a 6th-grade classroom.

My love of Colorado brought me back.  We have lived here for the past 28 years.  Our four daughters were raised here and attended Sand Creek Elementary.  This is why Sand Creek is very important to me, being my children's home school and my favorite place to work. 

My family has grown over the years.  I now have three new son-in-laws and five grandchildren with two more on the way. I love being a GIGI, riding my horse,  participating in a book club, paddle boarding, vacationing on Sanibel Island and most of all teaching your children! 

 Dear Parents: 

I sent a letter home about our upcoming egg baby week with your child in their Friday Folder.  

Your child will need to bring a hard-boiled egg in a carrier to school on Tuesday -Friday. We will be using our "babies" to understand checkbooks, responsibility, etc for our economic unit.  I suggest boiling a few at a time, in case they crack their first egg.  Some have been known to last all week, others don't survive the first day. On March 6, we will hold our Market Day for third grade.  We have asked that your child come up with an idea of a fun easy craft to make.  Please do not spend more than ten dollars on the craft supplies,   Try to use some items that you may have around the house. You can check out fun easy crafts on google sites.  Your children have been searching for a cute idea and can show you some.  I am asking the kiddos to make one prototype of their product so that they can make them easily on their own.  We will be producing our items that week at school. They will need to have about twenty of their item to sell on Market day.  We will begin at 9:30 and end at10:30.  You are more than welcome to come and purchase items.  I will give out play money for you to use.  The students will also be using play money that day.  


Social Studies: 

Our economic unit has begun.  We are learning about economics through reading, videos, vocabulary and culminating with our Market Day. 


This week in literacy we will be reading a chapter book during group work, and completing activities along with the book.  We are also continuing to work on writing a short constructive response and answering higher-level comprehension questions, 

During writing, we are composing Opinion pieces. We will begin our narrative writing unit the following week. 

They are getting better at using persuasive words and arguments in their writing. 



We are continuing with our unit on fractions.   

Each day we practice a page of multiplication facts. Please continue to quiz your child on their facts throughout the week.  The year will be coming to an end sooner than we think and they need to have them memorized!!



 Spelling will be sent home each Monday, with the work due on Fridays when we take our spelling test.

Please continue to help your child fill out their reading log as they read each night.