Georgia Roberts

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 5th grade!  This will be an important year of academics and social growth for your child.  My name is Georgia Roberts I am your child's fifth-grade teacher. My former teaching position was Sixth-Grade Language Arts for fourteen years (change is good)!  I have 28 years of teaching experience.  I began my teaching career in Tampa, Florida where I taught multiple grade levels.  After relocating to Denver, I am continuing my teaching career at the wonderful Sand Creek Elementary, where I have happily been for the last fourteen years.  I have an Education and an English degree from Michigan State University (Go Spartans) and a Masters Degree in Curriculum Instruction with a strong focus on Reading Instruction. 

I have two children that are attending the University of Colorado and in my spare time, I enjoy socializing, yoga and reading.



Social Studies-This week the students are continuing to work on theme parks for their designated United States region.  The students are collaborating to build a theme park that is relevant to their region, economically advantageous and has a fun, local "vibe".  Along with the theme parks, students are continuing to practice state map awareness as well as locating latitude, longitude points on a grid.


Language Arts-  The students are continuing reading their assigned novels.  While reading students are making connections, answering comprehension questions and writing text to self paragraphs. After finishing their novels, students will have book club and begin writing a character essay on their assigned novel character. 



Our Daily Schedule: 

9:05-9:15 Check In

9:15-10:30 Social Studies

10:30-11:45 Math

11:50-12:40 Specials

12:40-1:10 Grammar/Read Aloud

1:10-1:50 Lunch

1:50-3:00 Language Arts

3:00-3:15 Recess

3:15-4:00 Continuation of Language Arts

4:00 Dismissal




Reading-Thirty minutes of nightly reading is 5th grade expectation. Students have assigned nightly reading novel pages.

 Math-Eureka Math pages are assigned nightly.  The homework assignment should not take longer than 30 minutes. It should be practice from the daily taught lesson. If your child is frustrated with math homework, please circle the problems and homework is corrected and retaught daily, if needed .

 homework img


 Nightly Homework

Monday-Spelling 8B, Purple Packet pg. 41

Tuesday-8C Purple Packet pg. 42

Wednesady 8D Purple Packet pg. 43

Thursday 8E Purple Packet pg. 44

Students have assigned reading pages for their novels,

please check their planners for any questions.