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If we are in the process of creating a new Advance Learning Plan for you child, please link to this Sign Up Genius to schedule a conference with me to review and sign the ALP.

New ALP Conferences

What we Are Up To:

First and Second GradeWe are assembling our Sound Garden projects.  We are creating ways to share what we have learned about sound:

Grade 1  Level Expectation:  Sound can make matter vibrate and vibrating matter can make sound.

Grade 2 Level Expectations:  Plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties and analyze data obtained from testing different materials to determine which materials have the properties that are best suited for an intended purpose.

Third Grade:  We are gathering our data from CogAt and other resources to determine qualifications for new ALP students.  Parents will be notified of status within 30 days of receiving the Sand Creek DCSD Identification Referral Form.

Fourth Grade:  We are practicing using our nonfiction reading strategies through a Forces and Motions unit.  We are stretching our thinking by creating experiments to help us understand the physics behind movement better.

Fifth Grade:  We are working on our Fences STEM  problem, and flower math challenges in Math.  We are also creating our prototypes for our Passion Projects.  

 Sixth Grade:  We are building our models of our Ratios in Space projects.  We are continuing to work through our Immigration and Oppression slide stack.

DCSD Gifted Education News

We are excited to let you know that we will be sending out a monthly newsletter called the DCSD Gifted Education News. The newsletter will contain information about upcoming events, updates, resources and student opportunities through the Douglas County School District.

DCSD Gifted Education News

Discovery Program Application Process

The Discovery Program application for the 2020-21 is now available online and can be found HERE. Our application process has been revamped and many of the previous documents are now in google forms.

Discovery Program Flyer

Discovery Program Application and Process

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