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May 11-22

We are wrapping up this very exciting, and very unusual school

year. Last week during our class meetings, we reflected on how

we did onour ALP goals this years, and set some targets for next

year.  This weekwe will not be having class meetings, except for

6th grade,due to district meetings I need to attend.  I will also be

finalizingstudents' 2019-2020ALPs and email parents a copy. 

Due to my part timeschedule, I do not work the last week of school,

so I'd like to wishyou all a wonderful summer.  I will see you 

 again in August!

Parents: I have emailed you a survey to complete

regarding your child's ALP goals for next year. Please look

for it! Thank you!

Click on the link below to see this weeks

assignments and activities for Enrichment grades


Mrs. Stage's Remote Learning Lessons, Directions, Links

6th Grade - we will meet on Thursday,

May 14 at 10 am to share our Tin Man

Math Projects.




DCSD Gifted Education News

We are excited to let you know that we will be sending out a monthly newsletter called the DCSD Gifted Education News. The newsletter will contain information about upcoming events, updates, resources and student opportunities through the Douglas County School District.

DCSD Gifted Education News

2nd Grade COGAT

Family Letter


During the weeks of February 10-28, all students in Grade 2 will take the Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) using the online platform.  This testing window will be used for Universal Screening in 2nd Grade only.  The next CogAt window for grades other than 2nd will be in the fall of 2020.  The results of these tests are used to by Sand Creek Elementary to help us best program for all children.  The scores are also used as one of the components of the body of evidence used to determine qualification for an Advanced Learning Plan.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  Results will be sent home by March 13.  




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