Reimbursement Instructions & Pay Voucher

Submitting a Pay Voucher

Instructions for Submitting a Pay Voucher for PTO Reimbursemen

  1. Complete Pay Voucher Form
  2. Scan Receipts (make sure they are legible)
  3. Email your completed form and receipts to [email protected]

Pay Voucher Form - Required Information to be Completed:

  • Date: Today's date
  • Employee ID: ID# for DCSD employee (only if an employee is being reimbursed).
  • Payee Name & Address: Name and address of payee (regardless of where the check is being sent).
  • Chapter Name & Description: Sand Creek Elementary PTO and what the expenses are related to.
  • $ Amount: Amount of each expense.

Additional Documentation for Reimbursements:

  • A legible receipt from a retailer such as Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc; or
  • A legible Order Form ONLY IF it shows the method of payment and that the expense was incurred; or
  • A legible invoice ONLY IF it show the method of payment or a balance due of $0. If it shows a balance due, then it looks like we should be paying the vendor; or
  • A copy of the cleared check or a bank statement for the person who incurred the expense.

Other Considerations:

  • Receipts should not have personal items on them. Receipts with personal items will NOT have tax reimbursed.
  • Does the total reimbursement request match the total of the receipts? If not, include an explanation on the form.
  • Are you attaching more than four receipts? If so, include a summary sheet of the receipts.

Timeline & Other Considerations:

  • Pay vouchers submitted by Tuesday close of business will be reimbursed as follows:
    • The following Tuesday for parent/teacher reimbursements
    • The following Thursday for vendor payments
    • If there is a holiday or school break, the payment dates might adjust
  • Keep original receipts
  • Teachers are reimbursed via direct deposit.

Any questions can be emailed to the PTO Treasurer at [email protected]

Example Pay Voucher

You only need to fill in the yellow highlighted information and submit legible receipts that match the amounts.

Pay Voucher Image