Reimbursement Instructions & Pay Voucher

Submitting a Pay Voucher

Instructions for Submitting a Pay Voucher for PTO Reimbursemen

  1. Complete Pay Voucher Form
  2. Scan Receipts (make sure they are legible)
  3. Email your completed form and receipts to

Pay Voucher Form - Required Information to be Completed:

  • Date: Today's date
  • Employee ID: ID# for DCSD employee (only if an employee is being reimbursed).
  • Payee Name & Address: Name and address of payee (regardless of where the check is being sent).
  • Chapter Name & Description: Sand Creek Elementary PTO and what the expenses are related to.
  • $ Amount: Amount of each expense.

Additional Documentation for Reimbursements:

  • A legible receipt from a retailer such as Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc; or
  • A legible Order Form ONLY IF it shows the method of payment and that the expense was incurred; or
  • A legible invoice ONLY IF it show the method of payment or a balance due of $0. If it shows a balance due, then it looks like we should be paying the vendor; or
  • A copy of the cleared check or a bank statement for the person who incurred the expense.

Other Considerations:

  • Receipts should not have personal items on them. Receipts with personal items will NOT have tax reimbursed.
  • Does the total reimbursement request match the total of the receipts? If not, include an explanation on the form.
  • Are you attaching more than four receipts? If so, include a summary sheet of the receipts.

Timeline & Other Considerations:

  • Pay vouchers submitted by Tuesday close of business will be reimbursed as follows:
    • The following Tuesday for parent/teacher reimbursements
    • The following Thursday for vendor payments
    • If there is a holiday or school break, the payment dates might adjust
  • Keep original receipts
  • Teachers are reimbursed via direct deposit.

Any questions can be emailed to the PTO Treasurer at

Example Pay Voucher

You only need to fill in the yellow highlighted information and submit legible receipts that match the amounts.

Pay Voucher Image