Daily attendance and engagement in learning is essential for your child’s well-being and long-term success at all grade levels. “Students who miss at least 10% of school days are more likely to face reading difficulties by third grade, less likely to earn a high school diploma and are at higher risk of juvenile delinquency.” (Herer-Small, July 2022).


Here are some additional resources to support our families with school attendance issues.

Health Guidance for Parents

Attendance Tips for Parents

Attendance and Anxiety

Please call our school office at 303-387-6600 to excuse your child when he/she will be missing school.

Here are some examples of when to call:

  • Your student is ill
  • The bus is not running due to the route being canceled
  • Your student will be late due to an appointment (doctor, dentist, etc)
  • When you are out of town
  • When you are running late

For more information about DCSD policies regarding school attendance, please click HERE.