Grant Requests



Grant Eligibility:

In order to receive funding through the Sand Creek PTO you must fit into one of the following categories or groups:

  1. Sand Creek teachers
  2. Sand Creek staff
  3. Sand Creek active and present students

Availability of funds at any given time will be dependent on fundraising and budget. 

Grants are available throughout the year to any individual who falls into one of the categories above.

To apply for a grant, please complete this form.


Question: When can grants be submitted?

Answer: Grants can be submitted anytime throughout the year. Our PTO budget is split into 2 semesters: Fall and Spring. If grant funds are exhausted in the Fall, we will post a notice on this page and all submissions will be held until Spring. 

Grants are presented and voted on during each regularly scheduled PTO Community Meeting. If your grant is urgent or requires sooner attention, please contact the PTO directly by emailing us at [email protected].

Question: What is the Grant approval process?

Answer: After the submission of your grant, the PTO board is notified. First your grant request is reviewed by school administration to ensure appropriateness for PTO funds. Upon their approval, the PTO board will review your grant request. We invite and encourage applying individuals to attend the next regularly scheduled PTO meeting when your grant request will be further reviewed and discussed. We especially appreciate Teacher's coming to our PTO meetings so we can learn more about you and about the wonderful opportunities you are creating for our kids! In consideration of your time, grants are reviewed and voted on at the very beginning of each meeting.

Question: Do I need approval before moving forward with my grant purchase?

Answer: In order to simplify the grant process for everyone, we no longer require approval before buying. However, we are in no way obligated to approve your grant request nor reimburse you for purchases made. If you buy before receiving approval, you are taking on the responsibility of all costs.

Question: I want to request items for my PBIS shop, can I?

Answer: The PTO board believes in experiential prizes before tangible goods. That being said, we understand Kids are motived by treats at times. As such, we have already designated a portion of the overall PTO budget for administration to deliver to teachers specifically for PBIS prizes. If you have a PBIS request, please reach out to your administration team prior to submitting a grant request.

Question: What makes a good grant request?

Answer: This PTO board believes strongly in investing in our teachers and educators. We love helping you expand your knowledge and improve on your ability to teach and lead in the classrooms. Whether that's through attending a conference, furthering your education, or even tangible goods, we want to support you. We trust that you know what you need in your classrooms. No idea is too far fetched, and we encourage everyone to apply. While we may not always be able to immediately support you, we can help in other ways as a board to help you achieve your goals.



 Application Considerations:

  • All grant requests must directly impact the students and community of SCE.
  • All requests must include applicable fees and expenses, including shipping/handling & tax.
  • Available building funds should be used before requesting grant funds. 
  • Proposals should not include items or equipment already provided by Douglas Co. Schools.
  • Grants involving technology must be approved by the Douglas Co. Technology Department prior to submission. Please complete a district software/technology approval form and attach to your application.
  • Materials purchased with grant funds become property of Sand Creek Elementary.  

Who is eligible to vote on grant requests?

  • Members: provide community feedback
  • Board of Directors: Principal or designee = 1 vote, Co-Presidents = 1 vote each, Treasurer = 1 vote, Secretary = 1 vote, Staff Liaisons = 1 vote each
  • Quorum: 51% of active BOD members shall constitute a quorum in order to make any decisions requiring board approval.