We greatly appreciate input from our community to aid us in our ongoing efforts to enhance our school.

Our School Accountability Committee (SAC) convenes on select Tuesday evenings from 4:15 to 5:15 PM, approximately 4-5 times per school year. All SAC meetings are open to the public and are listed on our school calendar for easy reference.

We encourage community members to attend these meetings and actively participate in the discussions. Your input is invaluable to us as we strive for continuous improvement.


2023-24 SAC Meeting Dates

September 19th
November 28th
February 6th
April 23rd

*All Meetings take place in our school PD Room.

Meeting Notes and Presentations

SAC Committee Members

Principal: Pam Pekarek
Chair: Jo Tiwari (2022-2024)
Vice Chair: AJ Smith (2023-2025)
Recorder: Jodie Deshmukh (2022-2024)
DAC Liaison: Robert Drost (2022-2024)
PTO Liaison: Lydia Murray (2023-2025)
Teacher Representative: Andi Skolout, 6th Grade (2023-2025)

Helpful Links:

DCSD SAC Information
DCSD DAC Information
SAC Bylaws – adopted October 25, 2017