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 Welcome to 6th grade!



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We have students with life threatening allergies to all types of nuts. Please help us ensure their safety in the classroom!!
Peanut Free Classroom 

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February 29-Graduation/Moving on committee meeting. 5:30 parents/guardians only.

March 18-22- Spring break

April 19- Comp Day for conferences - No School

April 26- Professional Development Day- No School

May 3- Best of Talent Day

May 6- Week of Teacher Appreciation

May 17- Field Day

May 22- 6th Grade Field Day

May 23- Last Day of School-  6th Grade graduation







Checking In!!              

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Graduation committee meeting is Thursday February 29th at 5:30
We need everyone's help to have this wonderful day to turn out memorable. 

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Updated dress code letter.             

If a student is absent from school they can access the days lesson in Google Classroom. It is important that the work missed is made up prior to returning to class, if at all possible. The lessons are presented online in Savvas/Realize found in Clever.  They the work out the problems and record answers in their math workbook for the days they are learning at home. Assessments will be done online and they will not be in the workbook.  The students have their math notebook that will be a resource students may use throughout the year.

Student's will need  technology/computer at home to access work on-line for most classes including iReady. Please let us know if there is an issue for your student having technology/computer access at home.




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Week of February 20th:         

              Monday:  Tech   

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Tech

Thursday: PE

    Friday:  Tech






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The students are off to a great start on the self pacing of math lessons. I am having a small group regularly to work on lessons in Topic 5, Ratios, while others continue to progress through their lessons. All students are now working in Topic 6, Percentages, with a few ready to move on to Topic 7, Geometry, next week.   It is exciting to see the buy in to their work! The expectation remains the same as before, 1 lesson completed within 2 days, however, now students have the ability to work at their own speed and needs. I will instruct a lesson in two small groups at the beginning of our math block (just as before).  The students not in these small groups will be working at their own pace and then we will move to our WIN time. Students have a menu of tasks and are expected to complete 3 of the tasks per day. Testing days or shortened block times will adjust this expectation. The idea is that students that already have a concept or skill will not be held back from moving on and students that need the extra support or just a bit of support will still see me for questions or help on the lessons. Students also have the choice of homework. Our only requirement is that there is homework and it isn't more than 30 minutes. I have had this practice for the past 4 years and it really helps students find their strengths and create solutions to improve their weaknesses. The learn to use a checklist and become responsible for their progress and efforts.

Our math classroom is a flipped classroom for math.  This means that the students read, practice and learn the lessons at home.  We still review the lessons and check the practice for understanding the next day,  but this allows us more time to address the questions and confusion more intentionally before the students practice at home the next night and take the quick check at the end of the lesson. Students have their workbooks with the lessons in them as well as interactive videos of the lesson in Savvas, which they can access through clever.


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This week we read and learned about free verse poetry and on Friday took a progress monitoring assessment on week 5 of our Unit 4. Next week we will be reviewing the Unit for and taking the Unit 4 assessment on Wednesday and Thursday. This is the big unit test. and we try to give students plenty of time take it. Students will also be writing their own free verse poem of their own.


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This week in social studies the students completed their web poster projects on the Aztec, Inca and Mayan Civilizations. It looks great!! We will be studying the Spaniard and European Conquistadors and then move to some study on Western Hemisphere governments.

In SEL we discussed how to manage our strong emotions and shared some emotion-management strategies. 


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This week we wrapped up our energy projects and were able to test, adjust, and correct design changes for the rollercoaster and catapult projects.  Our final unit in Science will be an Earth Science unit which focuses on Earth as a planet and our solar system.  



Sixth Grade Schedule 

8:55-9:10-Soft Start

9:10-9:30-Attendance, Lunch, Announcements and SOAR


10:30-11:15-Science or Social Studies


11:45-12:25-ELA W.I.N

12:30-1:10-Recess and lunch

1:15-2:10-ELA continued


2:55-3:35-Math W.I.N

3:30-3:50-Math continued

3:50-4:00-Pack, Stack and dismiss




Back to school presentation 

Back to School Night             

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My name is Andi Skolout and I am so excited to be spending this next year with you and your 6th grade student. I have been teaching in the district for over eleven years. This will be my eighth year teaching 6th grade math here at SCE. I feel I have really found a home here. I love teaching in DCSD. Teaching is a second career for me and I graduated from Regis University of Denver.
I have high expectations of all my students in their learning and behaviors. At this point in a student's educational career I believe they should know and show respect, responsibility, and a resolve of learning to the best of their ability. I love what I do and I work very hard to ensure my students are learning, and hopefully, loving learning. I look forward to a great year!!