Tina Hogarth

Next week is the week!!  We will be leaving for Stone Canyon on Wednesday morning at 9:30.  Students should come to school as normal, however, we have permission for students to go to and meet on the blacktop (by 6th grade doors) with their camping gear. The gear will stay out there while we come in for a short time at 9:05. We will take attendance, students will get their activity groups and bunk groups put on their name tags and we will load the buses. If we could have a few parents at the buses to help us load the luggage under the buses that would be a tremendous help. Once we arrive at Stone Canyon the students will begin their outdoor activities. We teachers will send an email at the end of Wednesday and Thursday once the students are at their cabins and preparing for a good night sleep. On Friday we expect to return back to the school around 12:30-12:45. Students will gather their belongings and we will hang out at the bus loop for pick up. Please have arrangements made to pick your student(s) up by 1:00 on Friday the 18th. There will be no bus transportation available at that time.  After 1:00 pm there will be no supervision for students. If a neighbor or family friend is picking up your student (anyone not on your emergency form) email your students homeroom teacher with their name and have them have their ID present to pick up. Everyone will be good and tired and probably ready for a long shower and warmth! These days leading up, please be sure, if your student requires any medication, that you have reached out to their doctor for the required documentation for Stone Canyon. You can send that in as soon as you receive it. Medication should be delivered to the office on Wednesday, the day we leave. Our school nurse will check it in and it will be delivered to the Stone Canyon nurse.
We met with the student at the end of the day with the packing list and answered their questions. Monday and Tuesday they will be making their name tags that they will be asked to wear while at Stone Canyon.
Students are asking about their store and getting to buy something. Unfortunately students will not be able to shop there. It is all online, so please don't send any money!!  Here is the link to purchase SC apparel. 
A subject we would appreciate your support on is SNACKS. We provide two 10 minute snack times, at 10: 30 and again at 3:10, for students to nourish their minds with a healthy snack. Students should be bringing in and eating healthy snacks during this time. When available we help with students that don't bring in snacks, but once our supply is diminished we can't. Students should not be bringing in chips or candy for a snack. We will be taking up the unhealthy snacks and holding them until lunch time when the students can enjoy them. Students are not to be grazing throughout the day on snacks...they have two 10 minute snack times allotted in our posted 6th Grade schedule. Thank you for your support and understanding. Here is a link for the ideas we are looking for with regard to health snacks Healthy Snack List Ideas.

Thanks for all you do!