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Welcome to 6th grade!

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πŸ“ŒPlease check your students Friday Folder 


 πŸ“ŒPlanners for how their week has gone



Hello 6th grade families,

Well, we all should pat ourselves on the back for getting these kiddos to the last week of school so happy, and they are ready believe me! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support this year. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity has been  overwhelming and I am truly grateful. This is my second year with your students and I could not be more proud of the young adults they are becoming. We have learned a lot of lessons this year and looking forward, I see a bright future for each and every one of them. Seriously, they are smart, clever, kind, and ridiculously funny-that goes a long way in the real world, am I right?

Here are the important dates and information you need to know for this coming week:


 Our SCE Field Day that is 'put on' by our fabulous 6th graders. It is going to be hot and sunny.

*No backpacks, only day pack that will hold daily supplies

*Please make sure student have 

-sunscreen   -water bottle (they will be outside almost all day)    -snacks       -hat       -clothes that cover body if they burn easily

*Here is the link from Mr. Bolser about the 6th grade and running field day - 

6th grade field day link


*Bring backpack, this is a normal school day

*The students have been working very hard and we have some wonderful people being displayed and shared about. Living Wax Museum presentations will be from 3-3:45 for all families that can attend, walk around, and see and hear about our amazing characters from ancient civilizations. Thank you for your support.


Wednesday is the 6th Grade Field Day at NorthRidge. We will hike there and spend part of the time playing kickball and part of the time swimming. They should bring a bag/or backpack that they will carry on the hike. They should have a snack, water bottle, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen, and hat. Memberships will not be used during this time. Students will only have access to the pool area (no concession stand, racquetball or basketball). We will be in two smaller groups for safety and fun. We will switch at the halfway mark with transition time included. We will make it back to school between 12:00 and 12:30 where we will provide pizza and juice boxes/pouches. Around 1:30 we will begin organizing and preparing the 6th graders for the graduation ceremony. This isn't a real fun time, however it is a very necessary process for Thursday.



Students will come to school just as any other day. They will enter through the front doors and go to their homerooms for attendance. They do not need to bring anything on this day, except family!  Afterwards, we will immediately start lining up to enter promptly at 9:30. The ceremony should last around an hour with the presentation of the students at the end. We will have brunch items for all to enjoy provided by 5th grade families. There will be time to eat, visit and take pictures.  At 11:00 am all 6th Grade students will be dismissed from school. Please be sure to plan for this. There is a picnic to follow for all 6th grade students and families to continue the celebrations. This is not a SCE event and there will be no teacher attending.


Whew...this is it!!  I am so excited for these students as they have worked incredibly hard all year long. I will miss them terribly.

If you haven't already , please check your students Friday Folders for graded work and important information.

With all my gratitude,

Mrs. Hogarth





Here are a couple links that might be important to you:


Field Day has been moved to Monday! SCE Field Day







πŸ“– Please check your student's planner to see how their work habits for the week were.


Please see our web pages for future important dates and what your student's are working on in our classrooms.

Please see below for my contact information if you ever need to reach out, also, important dates on our school calendar are below.

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[email protected] 

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Checking In


5/6 Thank you for all of your support and hard work as we are nearing the finish line to graduation. Please click over to my. social studies page to see what is happening!




Deadline for Memory Books sheets and aa donation of $20, to help pay for the costs of binding books, decorations and more., is due April 3rd.

We have been observing some anxiety and emotional situations in the sixth grade. It is a tough time between elementary and middle school with so much going on around them and within them. Here is a short piece on helping teens and coping with stress.

Stress Management and Teens

Updated dress code letter.

Graduation lettter.docx

Supplies Needed

We are in desperate need of Glue Sticks

Our classroom is in need of Clorox Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes and Kleenex. We clean our desks at the end of the day to promote a healthy environment. If you find you have any extra wipes, we would appreciate some help keeping our room safe and healthy. Thank you from all of the Sixth Graders!!!

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April 10th- CMAS Week-Schedule

April 21-No School-Teacher Comp Day

April 24-No School- Professional Development Day

May 19- Field Day

May 24- 6th Grade Field Day/Promotion Practice

May 25-Promotion Day 9:30-Students dismissed after- Last Day of School

Sixth Grade Schedule      

                           9:10-9:30 Morning Announcements/Morning Meeting


                           10:30-11:50-Block 1 (light snack)

                           11:55-12:30-Block 2


                           1:15-1:50-Block 2 (continued)

                           1:55-3:10-Block 3 (light snack)

                           3:10-3:50-RTI (Response to Intervention)

                           3:50-4:00- Clean up and Dismiss